Meet Jay Triiiple: Cross-Cultural Rapper, Artist, Healer

Artist and healer are words you expect to hear in a meditation room, wellness center or yoga pod – not necessarily in the rap game.  But Jay Triiiple is a rapper whose aim is not just to change the game, but to change the world, by using her vulnerability to inspire others to be themselves.

“Being in the present, trusting myself and loving myself is the root of everything,” she shares during our interview on a sunny fall afternoon.

Music to Heal the Soul

Triiiple emphasizes that she feels blessed to be mindful and have self-awareness.  She uses those qualities to take her past experiences, future goals and present feelings to create messages that help others move through life. “My perspective is based around everything I’ve been through in life — the light and the dark. I bring that together and tell the stories. I write from the dark times I’ve been through and the struggles that I had.  I also write from what I’m feeling in the present and I also write from where I want to be in the future: who I’m aiming to be.  There’s a lot of me and my past in my music but there’s also a lot of manifestation in my music — what I want for the world how I want to change the world.”

A champion of self-growth, Triiiple wants her music to help people get through bad times, even just provide motivation to crush a workout, “I just want to change as many lives as I can,” she said. One of the few women in a male-dominated field, this LGBTQ rapper and self-professed introvert uses her in-between-ness and introspection to evoke emotion. “I don’t just make music for people who look like me, but for everybody,” she muses. “I’m also gay and very open about it. I think that’s why everyone can relate to me because I’m giving it all.”

Between radiant smiles that light up the room, a shy head-nod as she looks at the floor and strokes her chin provide hints to her naturally introverted personality.  Writing music since age eight and rapping since 13; Triiiple moved to Colorado at age 15 from Decatur, Ill., USA. MySpace, which was huge at the time, provided her first collaborations with other artists and began the journey to what would become her current brand —Loser’s Table.

“I don’t just make music for people who look like me, but for everybody,” she muses. “I’m also gay and very open about it. I think that’s why everyone can relate to me because I’m giving it all.”


 Enigmatic Oxymoron

Don’t let the mindfulness fool you – some of her lyrics are as raw as they come, riddled with profanities and videos portraying images of toughness, but to take a line from her song, Rollin’, “letting your Soul go is the best promo.”  Who says you can’t be tough and real while bringing the light?  Music helps Triiiple face her own demons and she hopes to do the same for her audience.

“I want to inspire people to embrace their growth and inspire them to be more motivated and inspire them to love themselves. I do that through being vulnerable with my own story and my life and what I’m going through.”

Find Triiiple’s latest album, Who’s Triiiple, on SoundCloud, Spotifiy and iTunes.


Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id12527…

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id12527…

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jaytriiiple

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jay_triiiple

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