RuPaul Encourages Voter Turnout at Emmys

His Call for Voter Registration Favors Hidden Diversity

RuPaul and the RuPaul’s Drag Race team accept the Emmy for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. Image courtesy of the Television Academy

On Sunday, September 22, the 71st Annual Emmy Awards delivered its usual glamour and excitement, but activism and diversity truly stole the spotlight. From historic wins to calls for equity, actors, actresses, directors and writers alike spoke about the need for advocacy, allies and voter turnout — especially in the United States’ current sociopolitical climate.

During his acceptance speech for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, RuPaul urged Americans to register to vote and participate in elections, as well as praised the diversity appearing both on “Drag Race” and on television in general.

“We are so proud of this show, and we’re so happy for all the gorgeous kids who come on and show how fabulous they are,” RuPaul said. “And, listen, thanks to the [Television] Academy for voting for us … and speaking of voting … go and register to vote. Go to vote.gov. Vote.gov and vote.”

RuPaul at the 71st Annual Emmy Awards

RuPaul’s call to action impacts not only citizens of the United States but also those who have immigrated to and now reside in the country. By encouraging those who can vote to do so, RuPaul is helping ensure more voices can be heard in American society and government. This is great news for those with hidden diversity — such as culturally fluid individuals who straddle nationalities, ethnicities and cultures — as more voters means better representation.

In the United States, participating in elections and voting is limited to citizens. To be considered a United States citizen, one can either be born within the United States, known as a natural-born citizen, or one can become a naturalized citizen by applying for citizenship. However, noncitizens can still participate in American politics by supporting causes, volunteering with campaigns, and raising awareness about important issues.

Voting in United States elections allows those with American citizenship to make their voices heard as well as encourages a wide range of ideas throughout the country. For citizens of the United States that have hidden diversity, making their voices known is vital. The experience shared by those with hidden diversity is very unique, and the voices of those with common experience can often be drowned out by those without it. RuPaul’s call to action demands more than just engaging eligible voters, it asks voters to stand up and advocate for their communities and to support those who cannot vote.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your article. Voter turnouts have been a struggle in recent years. RuPaul is a symbol for voices who have hidden diversity and should make their voices heard. Voicing different perspectives allows more communication and understanding between different cultural groups. Go and vote!

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