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When planning your most adventurous trip around the globe in your twenties, there are some places around this beautiful world that we live that in, that are must-sees. For those who love immersing oneself in the cultures and allowing experience to fill the brain with new facts and findings, check out these five neat places worth seeing:

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1. The first stop on the list for aspiring young adult travelers is The Great Wall of China. The largest man made structure ever built and also one of the most fascinating structures to this earth. A must see due to its vast history is something that you do not want to miss out on.

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2.  Lappland, Finland. Home to the spectacular northern lights, this quaint city it is the best spot to observe the cosmos. Don’t worry about freezing while stargazing, Finland is also home to these thermal glass igloos, perfect for a camping in style. Lapland should definitely be on the top of your radar when planning your next travel.

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3. Patagonia, on the border of Chili and Argentina. Not only is Patagonia a very unique and different travel spot, but it also has breathtaking views, with sweeping vistas of flat grassy plains that stretch for hundreds of miles in all directions.

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4.  Budapest, Hungry offers amazing values, without breaking the bank, as well as must see architecture, ancient castles, cathedrals and old world charm. This city is truly astounding. If only the walls on these beautifully structured buildings could talk. There is so much history and culture to learn.

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    5. And the final must-see location would be Tokyo, Japan. Moving back to the far-east gives a traveler the opportunity to explore the many things to do and see in this bustling city of millions. There Shinto temples, Shogun fortresses and museums teach a rich history and tradition of the natives, while the markets, theaters and restaurants immerse you in a unique culture. The free attractions all around the city allow for a day full of adventuring.

If a person is lucky enough to experience these five places during their lifetime, they will be able to see five completely unique and beautiful locations this planet has to offer. From the frozen northern reaches of Finland, to the southern stretches of the pampas in Patagonia the traveler could experience the vastness of space and the vastness of the earth. From the old city of Budapest in Eastern Europe to the old city of Tokyo in the Far East the explorer could soak up the diametrically different cultures from both sides of the planet. And to top it off, visiting the Great Wall of China would give this individual the understanding of human ingenuity at its finest. Nowadays people think traveling is an extravagant vacation, but with these locations, the young traveler is able to stray off the beaten path, and truly understand how different cultures live and interact with one another.



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