“Sigue Remando q ya llegamos”(Keep rowing we almost there)

Cuban rafters making their way across sea

Ex Cuban president Fidel Castro and his Communist regime powered Cuba for over three decades. The Castro regime had many Cuban supporters. However, those against the regime outweighed those in support.

The island of Key West, Florida is located 90 miles away from Cuba. The Cuban economic system and Castro dictatorship forced many Cubans to leave seeking for a better life and employment rate. The majority of Cubans have family members live in Florida, mainly Miami. After the United States passed the “Dry Feet” policy it opened doors to many Cuban families.

Throughout the years Cuban immigrants after they touch land they settle in the city called “Little Havana”. This cities atmosphere resembles Cuba because of its food and festivities amongst the Cuban community. However, beside the atmosphere almost being identical to home, the Cubans have the chance to be liberal and express their thoughts without being threatened or punished by the Cuban regime.

The opportunities Cubans have in America come with risks and sacrifices. Thousands of Cubans have lost their lives rafting across the Caribbean Sea. The United States Coast Guard is constantly reporting bodies floating in the deep blue waters. The main cause of death these rafters face is dehydration from the intense sun and salt water. Families are left behind and may not be able to see their loved one ever again if they don’t make their way across to Florida.

After decades of immigration occurring in South Florida, Cubans own 25 percent of all businesses. Furthermore, Cubans are labeled to be one of the most educated ethnic groups with the vast majorities of graduates being doctors. The Cuban culture has only been growing and advancing over the last decade.


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