The YuuJou Journey – following our travelers around the world

Culturs has partnered with Yuujou to prove the power of real friendship as six travelers were chosen to travel the world using the power of connection. Five former strangers joined Yuujou founder, Yvonne Eisenring, on a 100-day journey from Berlin, Germany to Tokyo, Japan.

The group split into two teams of three, one traveling east and one traveling west. They departed from Berlin early spring and are making their way to Tokyo in 100 days while using their talents to creatively document and share their experiences.

Along the way, teams must stay with a friend of their previous host, moving from friend to friend across the globe.

One month in, here’s an update on their progress:

City of Love

In the third week of the Yuujou adventure, Yvonne and Panos arrived in Paris. While Yvonne had lived in the French capital for a few months, it was the very first visit for Panos – can we say, #excited? For Panos a life dream comes true; he has always dreamed of visiting the city of love.

Together they explore the main tourist attractions and surprisingly take on extra roles in a shooting for music video. After three weeks of traveling, Team West also shows that it is very intense when you spend so much time together. That’s why Panos and Yvonne talk about what annoys them in the video.

Adventure in Lyon

At the end her host — Pipa — sends the two travel buddies on to Lyon. There the two travelers finally meet Jed, the third of the group.

Don’t Forget Team East!

Team East, on the other hand, traveled from Vienna to Budapest and has now arrived in a small village called Bled in Slovenia. The tensions have eased a little after their first big fight last week.

Best of week three along the journey
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