United by culture: the globally mobile community

Photo taken by author. Guests of Culturs Launch party socializing with one another.

The Culturs Global Multicultural Magazine celebrated the unveiling of its third print edition during its Launch Party on October 15, 2018, in Denver, Colorado. With countless globally mobile guests with hidden diversity, the room was filled with an in-between population. Despite the guests’ diverse backgrounds, everyone was brought together through the common link of culture.

Speech, Donnyale Ambrosine, Culturs Launch party, magazine
Photo by author. Donnyale Ambrosine, founder and publisher of Culturs Magazine, addresses guests at the Culturs Launch party.

Showcasing her one-of-a-kind jewelry, CopperSignatures, Diedre Hardin, a military B.R.A.T. TCK, shares that the world is in a state of “emergency” when it comes to the division and interactions among its citizens. For Hardin, the solution is to “find the commonality between us.” “The connection has always been there, but not everyone is willing to dig.”

The connection has always been there, but not everyone is willing to dig.”

Jewelry, Coppertone Signature, Cuturs Launch Party, Diedre Hardin
Photo by author. Diedre Hardin’s display of CoppertoneSignatures at the Culturs Launch Party.

A global worldview

Hardin explains that the global outlook individuals receive as a traveler, global nomad or cross-cultural person allows you to open up your mind and see the world how it truly is.

She admits, “I was an in-betweener” as part of a military family moving every three years. Hardin did not have a sense of community growing up, nor could she put roots down in one place.

Through Culturs, Hardin found the community she missed growing up and understands that she is not alone. There are millions of other individuals straddling culture around the globe. Hardin believes the Culturs community recognizes the connection that links people from all walks of life together.

Globally mobile, guests, Culturs Launch party, hidden diversity, talking
Photo by author. Globally mobile guests mingling at the Culturs Launch Party.

Globally mobile individuals can relate to many people they encounter out of their shared experiences, no matter how different they may be.

“As we move forward don’t forget where we are connected as human beings. It’s a global need. It really starts with a hug and a hello,” Hardin expresses.

As we move forward don’t forget where we are connected as human beings.”

Find the human connection

Ruth Van Reken, writer, speaker and consultant on cross-cultural matters, was also in attendance.

Ruth Van Reken, Photograph, Profile, Headshot
Photo Courtesy of CultursMag. Cross-cultural expert Ruth E. Van Reken.

“What we have to offer, I hope, is that we are not afraid of differences in look or thinking and enjoy exploring that.” In a world that defines people externally, Van Reken notes, “We are all relational, creative and intellectual beings that find connection in that. At the same time, we are all so incredibly unique and that uniqueness of each person” allows everyone to discover their gifts and use them to relate with other people.

The cultural expert believes, “Getting hidden diversity into the mainstream” enables individuals to realize “how they relate in the deeper cultural connections between us.” She adds that there is a human connection between all of us which fosters a sense of home when people come together.

What we have to offer, I hope, is that we are not afraid of differences in look or thinking and enjoy exploring that.”

Van Raken exclaims, “If we can normalize this for people, hopefully we can begin to make it be so I’m not crazy anymore, but this is normal. It’s a new normal and its okay.”

Perhaps the most valuable lesson the world can learn from the globally mobile population is how to uncover the cultural bonds that join people from every corner of the Earth together.


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