VIDEO: Hidden Diversity – Growing up Multi-cutural May Not Look Like You Expect Part 3

We continue with the final of a three-part series on Sydney Shalz’s intercultural modern family and how growing up in that family has affected her world view.

“It was much different for me because I grew up in white America essentially,” Shalz said of her culturally-blended family. Shalz’s stepfather is from Mexico, while her mother is Caucasian American from Kansas. She has two brothers – one slightly older, who is her step-father’s child, and one younger, who was born after her mother and step-father married.  “But I think it’s allowed me to connect with people on a different level that most of my friends are not able to,” she opined.  She mentioned it also makes her more respectful and thoughtful about how she treats others.

But she feels people in Colorado are much more open-minded than in other places – with people being more accepting.

“If I would say to someone ‘I’m multicultural,’ I think most people are kinda taken aback like ‘you are not.’ But I really am, I got to experience a completely different culture – I was raised with it and it’s instilled in my values and I’m proud to say I’m multicultural.”

This is the final segment of this three part series that discussed Sydney Shalz’ culturally-blended family and how growing up multicultural affected her world view.

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