Being a TCK: a chance to see the diversely beautiful world- Dahlia Ambrosine’s Life Journey

Dahlia Ambrosine, an insightful and beautiful woman whose life is full of adventure.

Geographic location of Trinidad and Tobago. Image Source

Although Ambronsine was born in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, she identified not only Trinidad and Tobago is her home, but also Colorado.

She calls Trinidad home because her roots are there and her culture.  She said, “My culture is something that will be hard to shake…the cuisine, music, fashion, the beaches, the tropical fruits and vegetables, tropical wild life, the colorful tropical birds, the vast array of tropical plants and flowers, architecture, the mountains, the plains, the ocean as a whole.”

Dahlia Ambrosine in black and white outfit with a friend in Denver, CO


While, she has lived in Colorado longer than any state in the United States. Colorado is also home for her.  “I love the Western United States. It has a vast different weather system to the eastern states.  It contains desserts, mountains, many small and large winding rivers, huge mountain ranges and many peaks that one can climb.” She said. Undoubtedly, the natural environment is a key element to make one feel a place as home.




She has lived in 20 different places in the world. Among all of the amazing places, for military reason, she once lived in Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, Colorado within the range of the United States, besides, she has stayed in Spain, Ankara, Turkey, and Korea while in the Air Force.

Talking about her military experiences, she expressed that she enjoyed being in the United States Air Force to a degree. “I was able to learn many things. It allowed me to travel and meet new people.” She said.


Ambrosine appreciates her TCK experiences and the influences it brought to her life and her family.

Ambrosine with family at the Taste of Colorado in Denver, Colo. (l to r): Dahlia, Judith (Gerald and Doni’s cousin), eldest son Gerald (2nd row), Daughter Doni, youngest son (one of twins) Ishmael, and Judith’s husband, Anthony.

She said that being a TCK impacted her speech and personality. We know that a life full of mobility and adventure brings many confusions and issues for kids from many examples. However, as Ambrosine said, her kids were like many other children who have parents who are immigrants, adjusted well because, in some way, they accepted themselves as being American. She doesn’t see any negative impacts from her kids. On the contrary, she believes the TCK status had brought many positive effects. For example, like she explained, it brought the opportunity for her kids to experience a different culture and people as well as hear a different sound of speech, also it let her kids be able to be exposed to the beauty of a different part of the world allowed them to learn that not everywhere in the world is the same.

“There is always a difference in beauty.” Each person should try to understand and involve other cultures.

What we should learn from Dahlia Ambrosine is to embrace diverse environments and always keep an optimistic mind.


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