Negra Como Soy — Why Antoinette Lee Toscano Thinks CHRIS ROCK Should Know Better: The Politics of Hair (AUDIO)

Negra Como Soy -- Why Antoinette Lee Toscano thinks CHRIS ROCK should know better: The Politics of Hair Audio Podcast
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In this episode, all the emotion comes into play today as Doni and Dr. Rhonda chat with adventure sports writer Antoinette Lee Toscano about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars and cultural assumptions surrounding black women’s hair.

Microaggressions, childhood traumas and more affect us more than we know, and our hair is the focus of that in today’s episode.

“I feel like he stood up for me and every other woman who’s received criticism about their hair,” Antoinette says.

Definitely a must-listen!

Listen to the audio podcast about the politics of hair by clicking below!

Negra Como Soy -- Chris Rock and the Politics of Hair
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