FIFA World Cup: Team vs. One-man team

The World Cup 2014 has finally come to its final round and the European giant German international team and the South American giant Argentinian international team will clash head-to-head to fight over for the World Cup champion title.

World Cup 2014: German International Team


If the German international team wins against Argentina it will be the fourth World Cup Championship decoration since World Cup 1990. On the other hand if the Argentinian international team wins against Germany it will be that team’s third World Cup Championship since World Cup 1986.

World Cup 2014: Argentina International Team

Both sides have not won a World Cup in many years, so it looks like both teams are not about to let this chance to go to waste.

Many futbol fans around the world are debating whether a team playing side Germany will win or a one man team Argentina will win the World Cup.

The German international side is a team known for having of outstanding world class players who are willing to play along as a team especially in an International competition, and the Argentinian international side is a team known for having one of the best player, Lionel Messi, and for many years they have been known to plan many of their strategies centered around Messi, but this does not mean that the rest of the Argentinian players are not good.

FIFA World Cup Trophy

The World Cup 2014 final starring Germany and Argentina will be a great game to watch on a Sunday, not only to see which team will lift the FIFA World Cup Trophy, but also to see if Germany will prove that they are the best team-based European team, or if Argentina will step up to the one-man team criticism and prove that they are also a team-based team.

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  1. Great article. Trophy is now on German’s hand but the game was so close, having the only goal in the game by Germany in extended half. And Argentina has shown and proven that they dont always fight as a one man team tonight . Germans did their part as well, keeping the game intense enough to be the final game in world cup 2014. 

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