VIDEO: TED Talks Global – Where is home?

According to the TED Global Blog, writer Pico Iyer is a man without a land.He is 100 percent Indian in blood and ancestry, but he was born and grew up in England; he has lived the last 48 years in the U.S., where he sees his doctor and dentist, but for the last 25 years he’s spent as much time as possible in Japan. But many people he knows are even more international and, in a similar way, home-less. These people have one place they associate with their parents, another with their partners, a third with the place they happen to be at the moment, and a fourth with the place they dream of being.

“Their whole life is going to be spent taking pieces of many different places and putting them together in a stained glass whole,” says Iyer. “For more and more of us, home has less to do with a piece of soil than a piece of soul.”

With more than 250 million people worldwide living in countries not considered their own, Iyer  meditates on the meaning of home, the joy of traveling and the serenity of standing still. The 14 minute video is remarkably eye opening.

In the end, home is not just the place where you sleep, it’s the place where you stand.

Iyer’s talk is now available for viewing. Watch it here »

Click the photo above to watch Iyre’s Ted Global Talk, or click here.

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  1. I love the quote about home not being a piece of soil, but rather a piece of the soul. I LOVE THAT. It’s so perfectly capturing what it really is, because home is not tied to the land, it’s tied to the soul.

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