Balkan, Beautiful Design

Ethnic identity meets international luxury in this designer’s lush interiors. 

“Interior design is when you are able go bring the essence of beauty and life into a space that is worth living.” – Leda Popoviq

Leda Popoviq is a Michigan interior designer who’s originally from Albania, a small Balkan country in Southeastern Europe with deep roots dating back to around 1225 B.C. Its people are derived from an ancient tribe called the Illyrians. The name Albania was the evolution of old phrases meaning “Land of the Eagles” and “Children of the Eagles.” Albania’s flag is red with a two-headed eagle in the center.

According to Popoviq, the Albanian language is one of the oldest independent languages in Europe. Throughout history, she says, Albanians strongly resisted many other countries that tried in vain to conquer their homeland, a cultural gem in the Balkan region.

“We are a unique, independent culture that finds beauty in everything,” Popoviq says. “Our country is a dreamy paradise, from beautiful beaches to breathtaking mountains and many things in between.”

That rich landscape likely informed Albania’s vibrant artistry. “Albanians are expressive people, whether talking fashion, music or hobbies,” Popoviq continues. With regards to the specific influences behind her own decorative eye: “We enjoy beautiful, luxurious, classy and elegant interior design.”

Popoviq says Albanians also are welcoming people who love to host guests in their homes. “We are extra in every way,” she says. “From the amazing ethnic food, the music and elegant homes. We have extravagant parties and weddings, and we love to drink and enjoy coffee with family and friends.” Quite simply: “The Albanian culture is a culture that will stick with you forever.”

Find more of Popoviq’s work on Instagram.

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