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An inquisitive TCK couple reveals how relationships are the key to great health.

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Adventure, exploration and information: These form the foundation of Dorian Gregory and Nichole Cruz’s The 4to5 Club, a new podcast and website focused on health and wellness.

Gregory is an actor and producer best known for the TV shows “Charmed,” “The Lurking Man” and “Baywatch Nights.” Cruz is a fitness enthusiast and lifelong athlete who trained for the Junior Olympics, attended university on a track scholarship and competed in fitness competitions. The two came together through a shared health journey and common interests.

More Than Just a Couple

Each of them grew up in various areas around the United States: Gregory in Washington, D.C., Cleveland and Los Angeles; Cruz in Indiana, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado. As adults living and working in Los Angeles, the two realized they shared a similar lifestyle: They both love to exercise and consider the ins and outs of nutrition. They began exploring health and wellness together. “It became fun … a bonding experience,” Cruz says.

Now, the couple is plant-based and use their health routine to extract the most out of life. “Health fuels everything,” Gregory says.

The next logical step was to share the joy of their exploration through a shared business venture. The name 4to5 Club came from the idea of starting the day with health. Just awake between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m., and literally, get moving. “I think it’s one of the easiest ways to start your day focused on health,” says Gregory, who adds that the 4to5 Club is about more than going to the gym. “It’s really about getting out there and creating memories and being fully engaged in those memories.”

Here are some additional insights from this team that walks the path of health-based entrepreneurship:

What tips do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Stay the course. Entrepreneurship looks great from the outside in, but it’s hard work that requires stamina and persistence. Stay focused. Connect with like-minded people who can be a source of support. It can be a lonely journey. Having others around you who can identify with your struggles, challenges and successes will provide comfort that you’ll need to push forward. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.

Can you share any tips for couples who may want to be entrepreneurs together?

Just like anybody else, patience and listening. Respecting each other’s different perspectives on how to marry the two — how do you find common ground and balance that?

How did you begin your entrepreneurial journey with The 4to5 Club, and why do you think it’s necessary in the crowded fitness market?

We come from a place of organic sharing almost like listening to a friend’s conversation. Everything starts with health, including happiness. We are just young and old enough to truly understand the importance it plays and how it affects every aspect and stage of life. We hope to be a top option for those who want an experiential inquisitive perspective from a male and female point-of-view. Our hope is that we broaden awareness and trigger people to do and or explore something new.

What’s been the most rewarding? The most difficult?

The most rewarding part is continually pushing ourselves to see what’s out there and become a resource for people who want to know more. We are learning with you, and most often the newness of the moment has a unique intrinsic value.

What makes what you do different than other health and wellness media? 

It’s not about being different. The key is finding what resonates with you. Just like happiness; there is no real manual for that. If you’re interested in health and happiness, give us a minute and the enjoyment of that moment will bring you back for more.

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