VISUAL: Foreign born college students in the United States

Information is demonstrated in regards to international college students in the United States.

  • The most popular destinations to study abroad are shown alongside a pie graph that demonstrates the top 8 host countries of global nomads who are students.
  • The top 10 universities in the U.S. with the highest number of international students are shown as a percentage of total enrollment.


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  1. Eventhough CSU is not high on the list of top colleges in the U.S. for international students, I have noticed quite a few of international students here. Personally, I love it. I grew in Pueblo, CO. Pueblo is an incredibly diverse area. I almost didn’t come to CSU because there were too many white people, and I’m white. But after taking a second look, I noticed how diverse CSU really is. It makes me happy to see all these students from all over the world attending college here.

  2. This infograph was very interesting! I am planning to study abroad in Australia next spring so it is crazy to see how many other students choose that destination in comparison to other destinations. Although there is no chart explaining what schools are most popular in the U.S. it is cool that the map kind of shows it. Or it at least shows where the hot spots are that these students want to travel to.

  3. I think that this infographic is really interesting because it shows where the popular destinations to study abroad are around the world not just for American students but also where foreign students want to come in the states. I am planning to study abroad in Australia in the spring so it was also interesting to see how many others shared the same interest as me!

  4. As a student who plans on studying abroad next Fall, I found this article to be extremely interesting. I liked how you included the different American universities that host study abroad students and also the different countries ranked by popularity for studying abroad. 

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