Anya Taylor-Joy Part 3 of 3: Vision and Hope Through Acting

Anya Taylor-Joy in 'Split'

Anya Taylor-Joy has risen to such a big success in a short period in the film business. She earned global acclaim with her recent Netflix series, “The Queen’s Gambit.” She developed her acting skills and is ever confident to take on Hollywood. There are several reasons why Anya Taylor Joy has gained such a glorious fame as an influential rising star.

Taylor-Joy is skilled at portraying the implicit emotion which the character barely reveals out of her consciousness. We can see this in the movie “The Witch” narrating the New England folktale in 1603. She grabbed the audience with the deepened feeling of the intense realism under which she portrays her character’s inner self.

Anya Taylor-Joy
Taylor-Joy in The Witch (Image credit: Universal)

According to Tallulah Gray in an article in The Cultured Nerd:

Anya Taylor-Joy excels in her film debut, her first adventure into the acting world, from her perfect New-England vernacular to the more subtle and complex moments of Thomasin’s growth throughout the film. This is not an ‘easy role’ by any means, but Taylor-Joy proves her innate talent, and her hard work is evident with this role, setting a high standard for her acting ability.

Also, she did a wonderful job catching the character’s delicate features in the movie “Split.” According to Gray,

Taylor-Joy shows great empathy in her portrayal of Casey Cooke, a character plagued with deep, seemingly insurmountable traumas.

Anya Taylor-Joy in Split (Image credit: Universal)

Plus, Taylor-Joy said in an interview by Now This Entertainment:

I am spending 18 hours a day being another human being and trying to justify their choices and thinking the way they think.

Taylor-Joy aptly conveys the underlying aspects of her characters, the deepest part of the characters’ emotion.

Anya Taylor-Joy
Taylor-Joy in Emma (Image credit: Focus Features)

She is versatile who is capable of acting in a wide range of genres.

According to Meg Walters in The List:

Anya Taylor-Joy’s list of acting credits stand out for being complex, unusual female characters.

The range of her roles that she played is very wide from a kidnapped kid, an emotionally discharged girl with deep faith to a novel rich aristocrat in 1600. According to Tallulah Gray:

This shows an entirely different side of Taylor-Joy’s ability, as instead of playing a damaged or, in some or other way, traumatized character, she plays the cream of the crop. However, despite Emma’s position at the top of the social hierarchy, Taylor-Joy adds a level of depth and hurt to the character that was lacking from previous iterations of the film.

Anya Taylor-Joy is truly a hardworking actor and beyond passionate about her work. What stands out about her acting that has earned all the credits around the world is that her range of acting is wide. Also she is good at immersing herself into her characters. I am very looking forward to see her future work.

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