“How Faith and Belief helped Carolyn Archie live a life of success”

When it comes to someone’s heritage and past helping guide them to a life filled with success and flourishment Carolyn Archie is one of those people. Archie’s story is different; it is one that is filled with struggle, success and faith.

With a rich cultural background, Archie grew up in Brooklyn, New York as a cross-cultural child. Both her parents from the Caribbean, but they came from different islands within the Caribbean. Archie’s mother was from Jamaica, and her father was from Trinidad.

After living in Brooklyn, Archie moved to the Bronx, New York with her husband, mother and younger sister. After living there, they all moved to upstate New York and are still living there to this day.

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Her Jamaican background wasArchie’s compass.

“My father died when I was a year old, so I was raised with Jamaican morals and culture,” Archie said.

Her religion and belief also fueled her success. Archie was raised a Christian. She holds the morals and values of the Christian faith. Archie describes all the things she did through life as a product of her prayer.

“One moment that has was most important of my history was receiving Jesus Christ as Lord,” said Archie. “This moment back in April 1984 has shaped every decision I have ever made.”

All of the big moments in Archie’s life, she said, are because of her religion and prayer.

“I met and married my husband in 1987 and through prayer; we moved to both the Bronx and upstate. My faith has helped me deal with and cure some different chronic fatal diseases,” Archie said.

In 1994, Archie was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, which lead to kidney failure. Despite this setback, Archie fought through the difficult times and was still able to get her bachelor’s degree in business administration while working full time as an accountant for the NYPD while still being active in the church and her faith.

Photo of Archie. Approved for use.

Archie’s belief was so strong that it led her to make a big choice and dedicate her life to her faith. Archie became a pastor for the Elder of Simple Truth Ministries located in the Bronx, New York. After that, she met her husband, bishop Al Archie.

Religion and faith was something that had been a part of Archie’s life for a very long time.

“My mother and her family made it mandatory to attend church. Later on, in my teens, this upbringing pushed me to grow closer to Lord,” Archie said.

Through her faith, belief and family upbringing Archie has been able to overcome great obstacles. She has had a successful and plentiful life. Despite getting sick, Archie’s faith never wavered. Her sense of life and understanding grew through the troubling times. Despite all the times she could have given up, she never did. This has led her to overcome struggles many would find difficult to beat.

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