The Large Divide Between the Pay of Men and Women

A recent study by movehub released March of 2014 reports on the gender pay gap that still exists between men and women.

Gender Pay Gap

The study reported on forty countries where men still received higher pay. South Korea had the highest pay gap (37.5%) and Slovenia had the lowest (3.5%). Even countries who consider themselves to be at the forefront of equal rights face a significant difference in the pay between men and women.

Statistics from the European Commission agree with the data found by movehub. Certain countries were reported to have an extreme gender pay gap.

The data presented disappointed many including Time magazine. It shows just how far the world is from gender equality.



  1. Really cool infographic! I like how it gets to the point quickly and isn’t visually distracting. I’m always really interested to see the statistics about gender pay gaps so great job!

  2. This was a really good topic to do an infographic on. Gender pay gaps are a real issue that often goes ignored– by both genders! And how are we tied with China?!

  3. Great info-graphic, really easy to understand and provides vital information. Still shocked that the United States does not have a smaller gap, very unfortunate for our society. Also found it interesting that a random country such as Slovenia would have the smallest gap, pretty cool!

  4. This is a really interesting infographic. I didn’t realize how close China and the U.S. were in regards to gender pay gap. I wish there would’ve been a little more information in the infographic to include more countries with other data too! Which is a good thing, since I want to do more research to find out more information! Great job!

  5. It’s always interesting to see the gender pay gap between genders.  This article was short and got straight to the point.  I also enjoyed how the author discussed gender pay gaps from different parts of the world and not just the United States.  It shows that the gender pay gap is a global issue.  

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