Black Men in the U.S. and the We Love You Project

America is in crisis and the world is watching.

As the #blacklivesmatter movement makes headlines in the U.S. in its search for awareness and justice around murders of black males, global counterparts are taking notice:  London marched in support, North Korea called out the U.S. for human rights violations, the Bahamas issued a travel advisory against the U.S.

And in the face of all this madness, one organization wants to show love.

Portrait by Bryon Summers
Portrait by Bryon Summers

Black males of all ages are invited to sit for individual portraits at 47 Bergen St in Brooklyn, NY, on July 22nd and July 23rd.

We love you project social flier

From the website, www.theweloveyouproject.com:

A simple but powerful reassurance to our black boys and men that even though it feels like we are being murdered and destroyed constantly, we are still a part of a larger community that loves and supports us.

The images we see in main stream media depict us as less than human – thugs, suspects, and even more, dead and discarded. These are the images that brainwash us into believing there is truth behind them. We are not worthless. We are not trash. We are someone’s son, brother, cousin, uncle, husband or father. We’re HUMAN!

Through the art of photography we can see just how human and how special we really are. Images can be powerful reinforcements. They can be examples of who we are and aspire to be. WE LOVE YOU, will share portraits of the Black boys and men in our communities showing each other as well as the world that we are not only human and should be treated as such but, we are LOVED.

Visit www.theweloveyouproject.com or email contact@bryonsummers.com for details and how to sign up, and follow www.instagram.com/theweloveyouproject for photos from the event.

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  1. #blacklivesmatter movement is super important and the awareness should be spread to everyone. This is a very well written article on the issue, and I hope that it moves people to help change in a positive way,

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