East Indian-Inspired Latte Warms the Soul

A caffeine-free latte to keep you warm this fall and winter

As a hot chocolate aficionado who no longer uses added sugar, cold winter days felt a bit more empty. Black coffee doesn’t always fill that snowy-morning-by-the-fire vibe — but Golden Root’s creamy, somewhat spicy, frothy blend of turmeric latte goodness hits the spot every time. With just the right amount of (coconut) milk, spice and warmth to keep one cozy, it finally feels like the yearn for cocoa will fade away.

Inspired by the centuries-old East Indian remedy called haldi doodh — Hindi for turmeric milk — this Denver-based company’s founder Andrea lovingly handcrafted this vegan turmeric latte. According to Golden Root’s website, the original homemade remedy was often used to combat inflammation, common colds and used as a digestive aid. Golden Root has made convenient, powdered versions that are perfectly suited to our busy, on-the-go lifestyles. The latte itself blends sweet and savory spices that, according to Andrea, create a soothing and rejuvenating caffeine-free beverage. Definitely worth a try.

Golden Root was born out of a curiosity to reduce inflammation in my own body by using turmeric in anything and everything … I wanted to create a powdered version of [a traditional turmeric drink] so that I could conveniently make it at home or on-the-go and share it with others … I finally found a recipe that I loved … I hope you love it [too].

Andrea, Golden Root’s Founder

Get yours slightly sweetened or sugar-free — and you can buy them in bulk. Opt for individual sachets in bunches of six, 12 or 30; or, get a 30-serving stand-up pouch.


  1. Very excited to see this brand’s take on a Golden Milk latte! I love these in the winter and am going to try this new product for my busy life.

  2. It’s crazy to think that this coffee strain originated from East India centuries ago and is still being made today. There’s nothing better than a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter day. I can’t wait to try this sugar-free, rejuvenating drink.

  3. Going into the cold colorado winter this was a nice article to read as I am an avid coffee/hot beverage drinker! This article perfectly depicted what it’s like to experience winter with an enjoyable Golden Milk latte! It is very interesting that nowadays with so many different kinds of coffee alternatives that something so historic is still being made. Definitely want to try it if im in denver !

  4. This is such a great alternative to the sugary warm drinks that are so popular in the winter. I love trying new things, so I can’t wait to try this soon!

  5. This looks delicious and I definitely would like a cup for myself since it gets so cold here in Colorado and the snow is coming soon. This is also a great alternative to traditional North American wintery beverages.

  6. The creamy yet spicy taste of Golden Root’s Turmeric Latte is perfect for on-the-go. It’s tasty but you can take your time drinking the spiciness up through your morning, rather than trying to gulp hot coffee in the morning for that quick kick.

  7. I love that this coffee drink is based out of Denver and is also vegan! I too am an avid coffee drinker and sometimes you need something a little more filling and hardy than just the typical black coffee to sip on during those cold winter days. I will definitely be stopping by to try this the next time I pass through Denver.

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