Five Things That are Ensured to Help Your Multicultural Relationship

By Shayla Olson

There are many aspects that are important for multicultural relationships to understand to be successful. Below are a few things that if you are your partner discuss will help your relationship grow immensely.


1. Gender Roles: All cultures have different types of gender roles that are tradition to follow. Before getting too serious with your partner or even moving in together,  it is imp to understand the differences in responsibilities that you expect each other to meet. What responsibilities do you expect out of each other? Will you both be working? Is one person expected to stay at home and care for the children? It is important to establish this before getting married or moving in together because both cultures have different expectations. Make sure that one of you is able to change their customs a little in order to make your relationship work.


2. Intimacy: The discussion of when partners will become intimate is very different in varying cultures. Some cultures are not ashamed to be intimate even on the first date, while some cultures think that it is shameful to have sex before marriage. It is very important to discuss with your partner when you believe it is appropriate to be physical with each other. Some cultures also do not think that personal displays of affection are appropriate. On the other hand, there are cultures that think that PDA is the main way to express their feelings towards you. Sex and displaying affection are two very important things to discuss before getting serious in your multicultural relationship. Not discussing this and doing something against your partner’s culture can be very damaging to your relationship.


3. Family traditions: One potential problem that has to be addressed quickly in a multicultural relationship is the matter of family traditions and holidays. Splitting holidays with a partner’s family can already be stressful; it can be even more stressful with a multicultural relationship because of the differing traditions. It is important to discuss with your partner which holidays you will be spending with which side of the family and more importantly, which holidays you will be celebrating. A holiday that is tradition to celebrate in your family may no be celebrated in your partner’s. It is essential to discuss this with your partner so that there are no feuds with your two families.



4. Children: The question of having children and how to raise them can be a big fight in many multicultural relationships. How many kids you have can be the first issues in question. Certain cultures have different traditions in how many kids they have and also the names of children. After the children are born and that fight is resolved, there is also the question of how the kids will be raised. What religion will they follow? This is important for couples to understand as a potential disagreement and make decisions and compromises on beforehand.


5. Religion: Having different cultures, it is very likely that the two of you of you to also have differe religions. Having different religions is not the issue; the issue arises when you are not able to make compromises for each other. Some of these problems can arise if you can’t agree on what religion to teach your children, if you are able to go to different churches or religious family traditions. Finding a good compromise on your religious aspects is essential to the success of your relationship.



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  1. This article was very appealing to the eye.  It was very organized and the pictures went with the story.  The article had a few key points that I could relate to being multi cultural myself.  I agree with most of the rules described by solson1. 

  2. This article brings up some great points. I am not multicultural but I think a lot of these things are brought up in my relationships as well.$

  3. I think that this was a great idea to write about this! Alot of these things are important to talk about no matter what kind of realtionship you are in. I spent some time in Germany and def noticed a difference in how couples interacted with each other, versus how they interact here in the Us.

  4. I’ve definitely had a few relationships where there were some differences in opinion, especially when it came to meeting the parents… good points, great article.

  5. Could go for any relationship really! Although I am sure that multicultural people have more variation in values than those from the same culture.

  6. I think this article is extremely interesting, especially coming from a multicultural family.  It is so important to respect someone’s background no matter where they come from.  I’m glad I read this, and I will be happy to pass it on to others!

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