Here’s How To Make Auntie Ramonda’s Wakandan Jollof and Other ‘Black Panther’-Inspired Rice Sauces!

A Dozen Cousins Wakandan Jollof Rice sauce
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If you are looking for the official recipe for Auntie Ramonda’s Wakandan Jollof rice this holiday season, we have you covered!

Marvel has partnered with A Dozen Cousins to launch the official Wakandan Jollof rice seasoning sauce. The kit is packed with garlic, sea salt and habanero peppers.


A Dozen Cousins founder Ibraheem Basir grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. in a big family that had a kitchen that infused Creole, Caribbean and Latin American cuisine.


In addition to the Jollof Sauce, other Wakandan seasoning sauces include Jamaican Jerk Rice and Coconut Rice.

According to A Dozen Cousins: “Many Caribbean dishes have been shaped and influenced by people of African descent who made this region home. We are taking this opportunity to celebrate a groundbreaking film and honor the impact of the African Diaspora on our favorite foods. Wakanda Forever!”

To learn more about A Dozen Cousins’ “A Taste of Wakanda” rice sauce line, go to

A Dozen Cousins’ Wakandan Jollof Rice Sauce (Image courtesy A Dozen Cousins)
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