Here’s How To Make Auntie Ramonda’s Wakandan Jollof and Other ‘Black Panther’-Inspired Rice Sauces!

A Dozen Cousins Wakandan Jollof Rice sauce

If you are looking for the official recipe for Auntie Ramonda’s Wakandan Jollof rice this holiday season, we have you covered!

Marvel has partnered with A Dozen Cousins to launch the official Wakandan Jollof rice seasoning sauce. The kit is packed with garlic, sea salt and habanero peppers.


A Dozen Cousins founder Ibraheem Basir grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. in a big family that had a kitchen that infused Creole, Caribbean and Latin American cuisine.


In addition to the Jollof Sauce, other Wakandan seasoning sauces include Jamaican Jerk Rice and Coconut Rice.

According to A Dozen Cousins: “Many Caribbean dishes have been shaped and influenced by people of African descent who made this region home. We are taking this opportunity to celebrate a groundbreaking film and honor the impact of the African Diaspora on our favorite foods. Wakanda Forever!”

To learn more about A Dozen Cousins’ “A Taste of Wakanda” rice sauce line, go to adozencousins.com.

A Dozen Cousins’ Wakandan Jollof Rice Sauce (Image courtesy A Dozen Cousins)
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