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Mass production and distribution of food is present in the majority of countries. The result is a lack of acknowledgement regarding seasonal eating and food foraging. 

Mary Rondeau is a holistic nutritionist who draws from cultural practices and works to teach others about mental health, botanical medicine, nutritional medicine and naturopathic medicine.

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Rondeau grew up in the mountains, depending solely on fresh and homegrown foods. She was raised in a French household, where she learned about food foraging and its benefits. Additionally, Rondeau was encouraged by her Ukrainian roots.

Using fresh food that is either grown or hunted ensures one is receiving the best nutrients for the body. The food is natural and not processed with pesticides or other DNA changes. It’s simple to underestimate how simple changes can affect us. 

Whole foods are well balanced with phytonutrients, which are full of natural nutrients. 

There is a high focus on quality versus quantity.



A unique food philosophy is eating seasonally. One can create harmony in the body by changing food selections.

Seasonal eating is used in a variety of regions and tailored to the natural food of the area. The concept of Ayurveda comes from India. It helps to describe how the body’s physical needs change through the seasons. 

This is a common use of traditional medicine in India, where Rondeau studied. Diet is based on the nutritional changes that occur throughout the year. 

Balancing the nature of your local climate with lifestyle choices that offset the potential for seasonally-induced imbalances is one of the simplest ways that you can protect your well-being.”

Melody Mischke


Ayurveda are principles that connect energy to health.

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Healthy Ayurveda food concept. (Photo via Envato Elements)

There are three types: doshas vata, pitta, and kapha. Vata means movement, pitta references how the body digests, kapha involves the hydration of the body and agni is the assimilation of food. 

Our needs change throughout the year and what’s happening in the body.



Agni intensifies in the winter. This interferes with the body’s digestion. Warm foods are frequently natural at this time of year. Common ones include wheat, grains, dairy and fatty foods. 

During times when people normally become sick, for example during a rainy period, it’s important to select foods with good nutrients such as antioxidants. These help the body’s immune system be at its strongest. 

Summer foods should consider the body’s level of hydration. Fruits full of water are great for this time of year. 

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During autumn and spring, seasonal foods vary by region. Autumn may be warm in one location and cold in another. Spring is similar.

Fall is vata season, which means the body’s energy needs better fulfillment. Increasing food intake is important. Natural nutrients to include in your diet may be more meat, eggs or protein. In addition, hearty grains will keep the body grounded.

Spring affects the principle of pitta. Therefore, the body digests differently. This is a time where your body begins to release hydration. Lighter foods are best for the body. Appetite may change during this time, most likely decreasing. Fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and light meats are best for improving wellness with Ayurvedic wisdom during his time. 

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A food could be heating or cooling. Drying out or hydrating the body.


Rondeau draws from her experience growing up with a French mother in the mountains, growing or foraging for food. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of creating harmony in the body.

For more info about Mary Rondeau, check out her websites at www.wholeness.com and www.axsoneegsolutions.com as well as on Instagram: @maryrondeauND and Facebook: @wholenesscenterpc.


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