Priyonka Chopra: Life advocacy and influence part two

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The previous article about Priyanka Chopra focused mainly on her commitment to change the way society looks at a variety of social issues. A big part of what seeded this drive to change the lives of others and taking risks with her career along the way, was her upbringing. Her parents were both involved in the Indian Army, specifically in the medical field. She grew up watching the way they prioritized helping the citizens in surrounding villages that were in need of medical care. All free of charge. Watching her parents help people around them for nothing in return, furthered Chopra’s belief in social responsibility.

Chopra strongly believes that “life doesn’t end, it keeps on moving”, therefore she has set out to help those in need of support while she still has the capacity to do so. She advises those around her to always have an end goal in mind, and to “find what you do best and keep moving”. However, she encourages changing a goal path whenever it feels necessary, as it is never too late to chase a different dream.

Chopra has a large influence on women across the globe as she advocates for women both inside and outside the workplace. In the movie Fashion, Chopra played a model, namely Meghna Mathur, which won her the National Film Award for Best Actress. This movie was a commercial success that kick started the trend of female lead dominated movies. Some of her other roles include a woman with autism, a love interest in a male-dominated film, a cabaret dancer, and a successful entrepreneur. Through her acting career, she has created a much larger impact than just performing in movies. She dedicates herself to play these characters as convincingly as possible, sending a statement to the world.

Her hard work makes people want to overcome the challenges they take on, much like Chopra has.
Chopra resonates with the characters she plays, understanding how large of an impact she makes playing roles of lead women, especially lead women of color. Chopra is trying to disprove the stereotypical “one in need” or the “damsel in distress” by playing the strong female roles she’s given to the best of her ability, inspiring others opposed to lumping them into a stereotype. Her acting career has taken women from all walks of life and led them to believe that anything is possible and any situation can be turned around. Follow Priyanka Chopra on her journey through life with all its many adventures and triumphs.


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