Spreading Diversity

No matter if there is a black president like, Barack Obama, a white canadian center in the NBA like, Kelly Olynyk or a gay talk show host that is arguably the most funny one out there like, Ellen Degeneres.


Regardless if someone is leading the country, or great rebounding low post on offense or defense or if someone crashes twitter with a single selfie. Color, race, height, sexual preference no of that matters because all humans are the same inside.


No one person can change the world, and no one person can end discrimination but with little help from many we can make a movement to end this hurt.


Scroll and share to do your part in showing that you believe we are all the same.

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It doesn’t matter if we are talking about inside the human body, inside the football huddle or inside delicious colorful chocolate candy. The only difference that can be seen is on the out side. So stop judging books, candy, and people by the outside and see what they hold within.

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  1. This is a great humanistic argument. We as a species are all the same, we all have emotions, struggles, great loves, worries, laughter, we all bleed and all of our hearts beat. This is great, especially in contrast to a culture which embraces hidden diversities so well, the paradox of knowing that we are all the same and yet celebrating all of our incredible differences that make us unique!

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