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Danau Tanu

Why are all the “Korean” kids
sitting together in the cafeteria

Danau Tanu is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Western Australia in the School of Social Sciences. She will share her story of her journey as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). She will also discuss the findings of her doctoral research study of transnational TCK youth and their experiences of cultural displacement and intercultural dynamics found in international schools attended by many TCKs.
Danau Tanu
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Western Australia
Third Culture Kid
Do not miss this interview and opportunity to learn from Danau about her life as a Third Culture Kid and the inspiration for her choosing to do her doctoral research on the Third Culture Kid transnational identity experience……..AND MUCH MORE!
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Danau Tanu is a TCK/CCK and a “doctor-in-waiting”. She passed her doctoral dissertation on Third Culture Kids just a few days ago through the University of Western Australia where she also works as an adjunct lecturer. She was born in Canada to a Chinese Indonesian father and Japanese mother, and speaks four languages. The work of Brice Royer (TCKid.com), Ruth Van Reken and David Pollock changed her life. Danau has published a chapter in Writing Out of Limbo: International Childhoods, Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids, an edited collection by Gene H. Bell-Villada and Nina Sichel.

Danau discusses:
1.         The diversity of the Third Culture Kid experience.
2.         Why do students “segregate” at international schools?
3.         What is internalized racism and why does it matter?

You’ll love meeting Danau and joining this powerful conversation about her experiences as transnational TCK in international school and her determination to conduct research on a topic that was very near and dear to her heart! You will be inspired by her story and her research.

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  1. This is amazing, this is what I want to do with my life, I want to hear all of the TCK stories and work with new expatriates in their transition to the overseas life. It’s good to know that there is a field!

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