VIDEO: Part III: Intersectionality Personified: Izzy’s Story

As you have seen in the last two parts of this, series, TCKs and LGBTQ+ individuals have their own definitions of the cultures and communities.

But what happens when we find a cross of these two lifestyles?

For Izzy, her experiences from her home country, Brazil, and here in the United States have given her a perspective into two completely different worlds. Izzy spoke to us about how her experience of growing up in Sete Laboas, Minas Gerais crosses with her queer identity. She described the two worlds as disjunct and that they don’t go together at all.

In this last video, you can see an intimate interview with Izzy and her challenges and experiences with exploring her queer identity and how she deals with that in her Brazilian culture.

You can read Kendall’s article about the video HERE.



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Celebrating Cross-Cultural TCK Identity
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